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Berlenga Island

The Berlenga Island is about 7 miles from the Peniche Port; it is 1500 meters long and 800 meters wide, with a perimeter of 4000 meters and reaches 88 meters at its highest point and –30 meters at its lowest.

It is a region of great interest for botanical specialists with several endemic species and species of limited distribution. A nesting spot for some species of ocean birds (such as the guillemot – Airo uria aalge– , a symbol of the reserve), and a passing point for several migratory species. A Maritime Reserve of great wild life richness, particularly ichthyology.

In the Monastery route there is only one restaurant with an esplanade and a small commercial establishment at Castelinho.

The St. John the Baptist Fortress is a place you cannot miss, and where you can spend the night as long as you make a reservation in Peniche, at the Associação dos Amigos de Berlenga(Berlenga Friends Association).

You can visit the caves in small boats. Talk tu us!

International Chocolate Festival

In 2017 we celebrate the XV edition of the International Chocolate Festival of Óbidos, with the theme of Music. No language is more universal than Music and no delicacy is more celebrated than chocolate. This year these two universes come together and complement each other in Óbidos, the oldest and most prestigious Chocolate Festival held in Portugal. It also establishes other bridges with realities where the culture of chocolate and cocoa take on a special preponderance in the life of certain countries and populations.

In this event it is possible to taste chocolate from different latitudes and longitudes of the Globe, as well as find the most recognized brands, or the most distinguished artisans in the art of chocolate processing.

Óbidos Christmas Town

November 30th to December 31st 2017
Website: www.obidosvilanatal.pt


Óbidos is located about 80 km north of Lisbon and just a short 15 minutes drive from the Next Level Surf Camp.

Óbidos is a famous Portuguese village that has a medieval castle as its main attraction.

Medieval Fair of Óbidos

The town of Óbidos will travel back and time and recreate the customs and spirit of medieval Europe. Flowing vibrant banners and heraldic flags, wizards, jugglers, court jesters, wandering minstrels, musicians and mimes provide the vivacious merriment. Craft demonstrators and some 100 food, beverage and merchandise vendors take visitors to a time that has long passed. The afternoon concludes with jousting knights on horseback.
Entertainment activities take place in all three stages of the Old Arms Square and in random areas of the fair.  Visitants will also come upon two civil and military camp sites, replicas of assault weapons, surgical and domestic tools, and different animals, such as horses, ponies, donkeys, falcons and snakes.

Visitors can also enjoy a “medieval” style meal. Hearty soups, grilled meat and sausages, snails, cod, quail, rabbit, hog, lamb and squid are only some of the tasty delights offered by almost 20 taverns spread throughout the marketplace.
Website: www.mercadomedievalobidos.pt

Holy Week of Óbidos

Records of Holy Week celebrations in Óbidos go back to the 17th century. This event has been one of the main tourist attractions to this historic  town since early nineteen hundredths presenting some the most impressive religious ceremonies in Western Portugal. Besides the different religious manifestations (masses and processions), a complete cultural program with exhibitions  and concerts also complete the program.