Surf School

We provide surf lessons for all ages and nationalities.

Our lessons are quite effective, 85% of the people that take our classes are able to stand up in the first day. This is only possible BECAUSE WE LOVE WHAT WE DO!

You are going to have opportunity to learn with surf instructors with more passion for surfing sport.

We have available all equipment for all levels of surf .

This sport can be a lifetime companion . Its a custom that envolves health, nature, friendship, experience and much more. People who choose to practice this sport are embarking on a world of emotion , adrenaline and adventure…

Surf School Functioning

The school functions 7 days a week including weekends.

You going to enjoy with one surf session per day. We take you to the best spot for your surfing level.

We provide the best equipment in the market for your surf lesson.

All surf lessons must to be book with 24 hours notice.